On being tall

Damn!  How short are you?

How’s the weather down there?

I bet you were a jockey in high school.

Say, would you mind getting something for me off that bottom shelf?

Wait, lemme put my foot up’side yours.  What size shoe do you wear?  That’s some tiny feet!

Up in front!

Hey, little guy, wassup?

For the record, I’m 6’5″ and wear a size 16 shoe.

Time Doesn’t Fight within Itself

Simple. Elegant. Perfect.

Elia Bintang


My brother,
live your life happily
and have no regret.

Don’t curse today
for its inability
to erase yesterday.

Today doesn’t kill yesterday;
they live peacefully in
two different places.

Time doesn’t fight within itself—
it’s part of its nature.

That’s why you find
forgetting really hard—
it’s impossible.

Let your past live,
let your present live,
for they’ll make your future

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Wednesday quiz

Good morning boys and girls.  Today we have a short surprise quiz. In boca al lupo!

1. If you discover that the marjoram you’ve planted has invaded the rest of the garden, the correct response is to
a) Run about wildly cursing
b) Start a campaign to denounce marjoram as the great Satan
c) Throw up your hands in despair.
d) Cut it back and move on to something else.

2. In the above example, marjoram can be likened to
a) The government intelligence agencies
b) Corporate greed
c) Annoying personal acquaintances
d) All of the above