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The art of surrender

Surrender has gotten a bad name, mostly because people misuse it grammatically. Try this:

Find a comfortable place to sit, with the lights turned down low. Close your eyes. Think of everything that irritates you, intimidates you, even infuriates you. Bring it all clearly to mind. Visualize it as sharply as you can. Then, surrender.

Not to anyone or anything. Don’t surrender to your enemies, or to your friends. Not to your thoughts or fears, your desires or misgivings.  Don’t surrender to life, the universe, fate, or Jesus. That’s the intransitive use of the word. Surrender transitively.

Surrender your resistance, to life, to pain, to joy, to temptation, to yourself. Just let go. You will find a stubbornness; surrender that, too. You will find skepticism and credulity; let them both go.

You might think that by surrendering resistance to, say, temptation, you will be giving in to it. Instead, if you really surrender, you’re more likely to find any particular temptation suddenly less appealing. You might find that the pain you’ve been resisting vanishes.

Try it. Then keep trying it.

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