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ithink therefore iam

I see lower case i being used for the personal pronoun more and more frequently these days. I suggest that, rather than railing against this usage, we could take it at face value. Mathematically, it stands for āˆš(-1) which is an irrational number, since any number multiplied by itself must always be positive. Nevertheless, it can be mathematically useful at times, and so too in ordinary discourse. Lower case i, when used as the personal pronoun, can be interpreted as an indication of the person using it self-identifying as irrational. This can save a lot of misunderstanding, and obviate the need for a rational response to any statement made subsequently.

This usage can also help enrich our understanding of various words in the English language, such as icon, idolatry, and idleness, or, indeed, enhance our appreciation of technology, in the case of any device made by the Apple Corporation. That this last would be ironic is itself the ultimate irony, receding into infinite regress.

It can even be a handy prefix for anything irrational: icontact, ipinion, or indeed, the word irrational itself.

i think this makes sense. Do u?

6 thoughts on “ithink therefore iam

  1. Don’t know about the math aspect, I can only contribute regarding editing and dictionary work. Lower case i is very difficult for us. It confuses us, we don’t know what to do. We’re never sure if a brand really means it or if it was a designer’s whim. And, are we to correct a poor speller’s grammar or leave it to become standard usage?

    As well as irrational, could ‘i’ also be ignominious? ignoble? Aren’t many of us who have lost jobs, etc., reduced to insignificance? What eloquent nuance, that little tiny i. Of course, this is just my ipinion.

  2. Lower case ‘i’ is the dreamer’s letter: encompassing linearity and not; touching the baseline and not; the dot soars into the infinite, free to become a heart, flower, skull, or other, while the line remains grounded in the sentence.

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