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When Sharing Is Not Caring

A blog after my own heart. And I assure you I’ve read it thoroughly before reblogging.

Cheri Speak

With the explosion of social media everything is subjective to the almighty “share” button and I mean everything. Unfortunately much of the “news” that is “shared” today is not really news and can often be untrue. And, although most people do care about what’s going on in our world,  there is only so much time and one can only take on so many issues, and to be fair, there are A LOT of issues right now.


Sadly, because people are not getting real answers, speculation increases and the internet becomes alive with conjecture and unfounded rumor. This is irresponsible. We are doing a disservice to ourselves, our country, our foreign relations and to anyone involved in any story we spread around. We have become the very thing we say we are fighting against.

It is easy to read a headline and a blurb and hit “share” without actually reading the content therein.

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