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18 thoughts on “Delusion

  1. But if every moment one thinks of oneself becomes automatically time past–the only time in present is actual being, not thinking about being–then we are always thinking of ourselves in the past tense and can see with clarity, right?

  2. Can’t argue with that, don’t know what the implications are, other than that we’re all, to a greater or lesser degree, selfish and self centered, but then we knew that didn’t we?

    • He only means that we’re always looking at things from a twisted vantage point—we make up our own stories or realities based on our own skewed vision. When other people do this to themselves, we notice right away and call them idiots, lunatics, or friends who refuse to see reason. We even talk to ourselves like this when we look back over time, like, “What was I thinking?! I was being such an idiot!” Once our perspectives gain clarity, we can properly observe ourselves. But usually, when we’re in the middle of our own madness, we can’t be objective.

      This perfectly aligns with a quote I read recently. Something about how we should never trust ourselves to make wise decisions regarding our own lives because we can’t see ourselves clearly. Therefore, we should trust the advice of friends and family members. Or even complete strangers. Anyone would give a person wiser advice than that which he would give himself.

      Is that basically what you’re getting at?

      • In no way do I assume we’re not delusional now. In fact, I feel quite certain we are. So does that mean we’re not? 🙂

        I suppose in its simplest form, a delusion is something we believe to be reality when it is not. However, who can be the judge of reality? Therefore, there can be no delusion—only billions of little realities. Right? 🙂

      • I don’t think so. If you knew you had a crazy brain and that pretty much everything you thought up was way off, even if you believed what you were thinking, you could watch yourself thinking and say, “That girl is sure nutty.” But you’d have to have a severed brain, I suppose.

  3. What if we’re only happy when we’re delusional? Then why on earth does everyone go around trying to burst other people’s bubbles?

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