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The 10 realizations

  1. Holy shit, I’m going to die!
  2. I might as well eat, drink and be merry.
  3. This might make me die sooner, so, I should eat healthy and exercise.
  4. I could get hit by a truck and die anyway.
  5. If I eat healthy, exercise, and drink a lot of expensive hooch, I’ll cover all the bases.
  6. Expensive hooch is no better for me than cheap hooch, and costs more.
  7. If I eat a lot, build huge muscles, and drink cheap hooch, people will think I’m an existentialist.
  8. If I learn a martial art, people will think I’m a dangerous existentialist who doesn’t fear anything.
  9. If people think that, they will want to test me.
  10. Holy shit, I’m going to die!

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