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Crossroads America

It’s election day.  Like many Americans, I voted early, and now all I have to do is sit back and wait.  That sounds relaxing, and it usually is, but this election is different.

I will not mince words.  The Trump administration is threatening the survival of our system of government, and the Republican congress has shown no appetite for constraining it.  If there is not substantial change in congress, it will be taken as vindication of Trump, and things will get worse.  I won’t try to justify these statements; there has been no shortage of essays analyzing, dicing, and slicing our current political situation.  Odds are that you have already made up your mind.

Vote.  It may have come to your attention that liberals like myself often urge people in general to vote, and do not try to suppress conservative votes.  The converse is true for conservatives, for whom voter suppression has become SOP.

That’s because, historically, large turnouts favor Democrats. That single fact should tell you something significant about American politics.


2 thoughts on “Crossroads America

  1. Some conservatives attempt voter suppression.

    Maybe one part of the US political landscape is greatly more likely to do it than another, but demonising a group for the actions of some is the sort of unethical rhetoric that fuels these problems.

  2. You’re not paying attention to American politics, apparently. Here, conservatives, as a group, have been ginning up stories about voter fraud for years, even though Trump’s own select commission on the subject found not a trace, and in the end threw up their hands and quit. They’re still doing it. As for unethical rhetoric, since when is calling out misbehavior unethical? Obviously, given the context of this post, I’m talking about organized groups in America who identify themselves as conservative. What you do in the UK is interesting, but off topic.

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