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Do you suffer from IQS?

Do you find yourself repeating meaningless platitudes about love, courage, or creativity throughout the day?  Do you attribute nearly every possible sentence in the English language to the same half dozen famous people?  Do you feel strangely moved by reading the same quote for the hundredth time on Twitter or Facebook?  Do you feel an utterance is made more profound by dividing it into lines, pasting it onto a picture of a sunset, and attributing it to a famous dead person?

If so, you may be among the millions who suffer from Internet Quote Syndrome, or IQS.  Here’s what famous people are saying about IQS:

IQS is the single biggest obstacle to peace in the world today. -Mohandas Gandhi

Without a doubt, IQS is Internet Quote Syndrome – Abraham Lincoln

It’s amazing, all the stuff Lincoln said – Mark Twain

But now there’s something you can do about it.  Just send any normal sentence, in any language to me, along with the low, low price of $69.95, and I will read it.

Yes, It’s that simple.  Here’s what Neill Gaiman says about this extraordinary opportunity:

Hold on, you can’t use me; I ain’t dead yet!

So don’t delay, send today!

16 thoughts on “Do you suffer from IQS?

  1. Guilty as charged – you do take credit cards, don’t you? I’m sure you’ll include a small handling fee. After all, it takes a bit of work to read all those words.

    Had to laugh at this one – nearly every blog post of mine has some attributed quotes at the bottom of the post that reinforces the subject of the blog post, and yesterday’s post, specifically, had not one or two or three, but count them – TEN – quotes listed as punctuation for the post. Excessive even by my standards. Made me smile.

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