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How will you plead at the judgment of history?

If you support Trump’s attack on the constitution, you’re guilty.

If you voted for Trump because you agreed with what he said, you’re guilty.

If you voted for him because you wanted to shake up the status quo, you’re guilty.

If you gave in to your fear, and thought you could be saved by victimizing others, you’re guilty

If you thought he wouldn’t do what he said, you’re guilty.

If you cut down Clinton because you didn’t get Bernie, you’re guilty.

If you voted for an incompetent third party candidate as a protest, you’re guilty.

If you thought only your favorite ideology merited support, you’re guilty.

If you didn’t vote at all because you thought your cool cynicism excused you, you’re guilty.

If you think you’re excused from culpability because it’s all beneath you, you’re guilty.

Above all, if you approve of what’s happening right now, you are guilty, and that’s how you will be judged.


6 thoughts on “Guilty

  1. I’ll add another: If you didn’t vote because although you didn’t want Trump, but you don’t like Clinton, and everyone said she was going to win anyway; you’re guilty.

    Basically any “didn’t vote because…” is “you’re guilty.”

    As much as I hate what is going on, there’s a part of me that is so disgusted with the American public, that I think we deserve what we got. The rest of the world doesn’t.

      • I agree with you that we who voted, for Clinton (whether we wanted to or not), don’t deserve him. It’s difficult to explain in a short comment why I think “we” deserve him. It goes back to before the primaries, through the whole cycle, the dumbing down of our society (which was fairly dumb anyway), the… on and on. So many people were all, “There’s no way that con-man clown Trump will get elected.” There were a few of us who were screaming, “Stop saying that! You aren’t listening to what is happening!” Augh! Anyway. The whole thing is a complicated nightmare.

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