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Who, me?

Good evening, as a famous count once said.  I am – Mika.  A male Mika, not a female one.  It’s a laborious explanation, involving Latvians, Finns, and other inexplicable people and events, and all bound up with chronology and the evolution of the brain.  Thank God there’s no economics involved.

In any case, this is my space to blather incessantly on any topic I choose, factual, delusional, or otherwise interesting to me.  I hope it will also interest others, but if it doesn’t, what can I do?  I am only one rather odd person, and, like everyone else, incapable of seeing beyond my own narrow interests.  Which is really remarkable, since this infinite, immutable isolation happens to be the one thing that binds us together.  We don’t get around it, so much as ignore it.  So, you say, you who may not even exist, and therefore are indistinguishable from me, what tedia will you torment us with?

1.  Psuedo-philosophical ramblings without an iota of rigorous thinking.

2.  Dubious opinions on current events.

3.  Observations about the human condition, based largely on my personal foibles.

4.  The occasional poor-quality photograph, not quite good enough to submit to an online stock agency.

5.  Who knows what else.

If by happenstance you see this and read it, I hope you come back, if only to see if I’ve improved.  I’ll try to post regularly, but we’ll see.

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