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Why the Bad Guys are Winning

An important essay by an old friend.

A Diary of Interesting Times

The police are getting away with murder. The country has been taken over during the past 30 plus years by corporate fascists, who now control the judiciary, the House of Representatives, and soon the Senate; in 2016 they will most likely take the White House as well, and the coup will be complete. They have accomplished this through the corruption of an already flawed and conservative system, using massive influxes of cash and the good old boy network of rich white males to whom all politicians must kowtow if they are to be elected. The rights of women and minorities are back where they were 50 years ago, and it is going to get worse. The environment has been degraded to the point of no return and the human population of the planet continues to increase in number and decrease in intelligence and compassion.

Where is the US left in…

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