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Question everything: scepticism as a way of life

A wonderfully clear and concise discussion of what has become a national obsession. I don’t reblog much, but couldn’t resist this one. Or could I? šŸ˜‰

Philosophy for change

Question-everythingIn 155BC, Carneades the Sceptic travelled to Rome to give an important speech to the Roman Senate. Carneades was the head of the Athenian Academy and the most dignified philosopher of his day. He was known as a brillant speaker with a whip-sharp mind and a mastery of sceptical techniques that was second to none. In Rome, there were mixed feelings about Carneadesā€™ speech. Some people were concerned about Carneadesā€™ brand of sceptical philosophy and the effect it might have on the Roman youth. Others, however, were curious to learn what Carnaedes had to offer. Greek scepticism was a mystery to the Romans, yet to immigrate across the Ionian Sea. Carnaedes was an ambassador from the land of skeptikos. Was this a land worth visiting?

Introducing Sceptic philosophy to the Romans was not Carneadesā€™ main objective. CarneadesĀ came to Rome as a diplomat, tasked with convincing the Senate to reduceā€¦

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