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With regard to veils

A little cross-blog fertilization. My thoughts on opacity in poetry, and what the function of a poem really is. Is it to obscure or to illuminate, and are the two always different? And do these comments even pass their own test?

exiles child

It’s time for a brief holiday from the unscrubbed mirror.

So, I see all this stuff
About life and love
And dying
And how the stars echo
Some frail eternal now

And, yes, it’s hard
And though our hands be held
Entwined but ever separate
That skin that marks the boundary
Also holds the keys
And all that

And all that loss
Was dross
And some plain spun funk
Reminds of deathless agony
So far,
So long

Okay, I get that,
But just what is my job here, anyway?

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2 thoughts on “With regard to veils

  1. I’ve been waiting for the appropriate conversational gambit to say this, but chess was never my game so I’ll just elbow in right here, at this lovely poem of the existential kind, to tell you, I miss you at that other place. I know it’s full of twits and lechers (of all conceivable genders) but the presence of a stout and noble heart is rare & especially valued, though it’s hard to convey even that simple truth. I miss the articles you selected from your morning’s perusal, and the way you captioned them, and the way you startled people who post on auto-pilot. They shouldn’t oughta do that.

    Don’t know if you’ve given thought to Twitter. That’s an even weirder place, but once in a while cool connections are made…and for virtual people watching, hard to beat. Anyway, that’s all I came here to say–if you do create a Twitter account, please send an invite to connect.

    • Ah, yes, the “other place.” Thanks for missing me, but I suspect others were glad to see the back of me. I am congenitally incapable of letting ridiculous statements made in my presence slide, I’m afraid! Not that I mind generating them myself, of course. As for Twitter, I have actually thought about it. I’m being constantly bombarded with aphorisms from my undisciplined brain, and there doesn’t seem to be a very convenient place to dump them, now that I’ve sworn off Facebook.

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