My friend Elaine Stirling, in collaboration with herself, has produced fraternal (sororal?) twins!

Greyhart Press

It’s here! Our two new book launches are available in paperback from and; in Kindle Stores worldwide and on Smashwords. It’s all part of a scheme to revitalize a form of poetry that entranced early Renaissance European courts… the glosa.

Further details are  on the web pages for the books: Dead Edit Redo: A novella of Horror and Good Medicine and Dead to Rights: A Circularity of Glosas.

Join in on Twitter: #bringingbacktheglosa

These books are amazing, but to explain in a sentence doesn’t do them justice. The best way to enjoy the books is to read both in succession (in any order; that’s the circularity for you). Here’s a taster from the press release…

Anglo-Canadian campaign launches to revitalize the poetry of the Troubadours

Canadian heteronymic professor publishes collection of ‘glosa’ poetry and stars in horror novella as part of the #bringingbacktheglosa campaign.

Bromham, Bedfordshire…

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